cannabis-naturally high

To our costumers,


Our cannabis flowers are grown with only certified organic amendments. We brew our own 100% natural compost tea in-house.  Our plants receive the best of the sun and mountain source water.  Our flowers are cared by hand and are never treated with harsh chemicals or pesticides.

Goldrush was established in 2018 after a fire in the original land. That was the beginning of  a five year land restoration project and our journey to deliver the cleanest of cannabis flowers.  Today we are proud to be on our way to be a sustainable farm.   Goldrush is already 65% solar powered and by 2023 we hope to achieve 100%.  No natural water ways/ streams or rivers are impacted by our process and we have established water sources and introduce native plants for wildlife restoration.   When you support goldrush you are helping a small town community, local and migrant farm workers and a new generation in planet conscious farming.

James  Farming Operations

Ivan  CEO